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Zodwa Wabantu causes a stir online with explicit name for her ‘new car’

Not new to controversy South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu has once again caused an uproar online after revealing what she calls her new car.

The socialite shared a video online speaking to Ben 10s telling them to look at her and how she’s able to acquire material things by using her body.

She said, “look at me, mina with my p***y I’m in Durban. I’m f*.ing somebody and he gave me the car. It’s not my car it’s my p***y car.”


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Zodwa is not new to controversy. Earlier this year she announced her new business venture, she opened her own mortuary.

She took to social media to make the announcement. In an Instagram post she revealed the name of her new business, “Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers Mortuary.

“When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, I think of businesses to build. All are in my name, registering, building, making mistakes, failing, trying again.

“I won’t stop. I won’t act 20 years with my monet in the industry but see me in years to come,” she wrote.