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DJ Zinhle ’seeing flames’ as Baby Asante keeps them up at night

DJ Zinhle has revealed that her new born baby is showing her and fiance Murdah Bongz some ‘flames’ as they juggle sleepless nights, endless nappy changes and demand feeding.

It’s only a few weeks after Zinhle gave birth to her second baby whom they have named Asante and she has shared her experience thus far.

Posting on her Instagram stories on Wednesday, the DJ opened up how breastfeeding has ‘kicked’ her a**.

She wrote, “Breastfeeding kicked my a**, Wow! Someone should have told me how tricky it could get. Anyway I won eventually, but wow.”

The reality TV star said although their baby was peaceful she and her man can’t escape the restless nights that come with having a newborn baby in the house.

“Murdah and I look like zombies from the lack of sleep. Our baby is calm and she sleeps well but a newborn is still so much work in the night. We are seeing flames,” she added.

The couple have not yet showed the face of their baby. They have only shared pictures of her baby, but Zinhle never misses an opportunity to gush over her adorable child.

“Santy is so cute. I’m obsessed,” she wrote.

Zinhle revealed that Asante is her last child, she will not have anymore children.

“This is the last one. That’s for sure. It just takes so long to make a baby. If it took a shorter period maybe I’d have another one but I think I’m done. This is it for me,” she said.