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‘Via Twitter’: Dr Malinga responds to bizarre ‘gun threat’ from DJ Maphorisa

South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa did not mince his words about how he feels about musician Dr. Malinga as he called a spade a spade during a Facebook live which has since gone viral.

Speaking on Facebook Maphorisa said he didn’t understand why Malinga had a tendency of hating him.

The DJ gave the ‘Via Orlando’ hitmaker an ultimatum demanding him to be upfront with how he feels about him or else he will take the matter to a different level.

“Even you Malinga stop watching my show (live). Malinga is on and off. You have to be f**ken straight with me.

“It’s either you hate me or you love me. It’s either we fix this thing, we just be nice people from Pretoria or just leave us alone,” said Maphorisa.

He continued, “when we bump into each other let it pop of once, I (could) take guns and leave with my security. You must fix this thing of yours.

“I don’t know why you f**ken hate me or you hate my success.”

Following the threats Dr. Malinga decided to respond via a tweet demanding an apology from Maphorisa.

“My dream is to meet DJ Maphorisa so you can shoot me with (GUNS) as he promised or apologise, ‘coz I don’t know what I’ve done now. Thanks bye,” wrote Malinga.

During the same video Maphorisa also attacked music producer, Makwa, who previously said Maphorisa was inspired by him.

“Small boys want to disrespect me… what the f**k is wrong with you. Makwa is frustrated by the industry and the drugs he’s taking,” said Maphorisa.

Makwa has not responded to Maphorisa.