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Jazz musician Zahara claps back at critics after performing at EFF event

South African jazz musician Zahara has hit back at trolls who criticized her for performing at the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) manifesto launch held last weekend at Gandhi Square in Johannesburg.

Social media was left divided after videos and images of Zahara performing at the event circulated with many of her fans trashing her.

Zahara who is known for letting issues slide did not let this one go without sharing her piece of mind.

She took to social media to express her annoyance towards those who have been criticizing her for agreeing to perform for the EFF.

She revealed how it is so difficult being her because people always want to dictate how she must live her life.

“LOL being Zahara is hard shame…. you [sic] not supposed to do anything for yourself but must always do what people want you to do,” she said.

Zahara who has previously been linked with the ruling ANC took a jab at the political party and its mismanagement of Covid-19 relief funds.

“Where is the money for the relief fund? Who benefited? Artists were not working were we eating? Today, you have the liver to tell [me] which gig I must not take or which one I should.

“Asoze, we all wanna [sic] put bread on the table,” she said.

A lot of South African celebrities have been linked to the ANC but have been accepting gigs from other political parties. DJ Tira also posted that he will be performing together with Dladla Mshunqisi and other artists at the Manifesto launch for IFP.

Pearl Thusi is another public figure who had to defend herself after taking some political gigs saying she did it because she had to put food on her table and pay her bills.

“Notice what I did with my arms. That wasn’t an accident. I really needed that rent money. Hence I said [I’m] actively promoting any party. But if I knew then what I know now… regrettably, I also did a DA gig that year,” said Thusi.