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Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk about to settle their beef in a boxing ring

The long awaited boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk is finally here!

Hip Hop heavyweight Cassper Nyovest and YouTube sensation Slik Talk are set to settle their beef in a boxing ring tonight.

The fight which has been named Fame vs Clout is set to take place in front of a small audience at the Sandton Fight Club and will be streamed on YouTube at 9pm.

Slik Talk attacks Cassper Nyovest for changing boxing match terms
Slik Talk and Cassper Nyovest

The two opponents have been engaging in a war of words for the past few weeks.

Today Cass posted on twitter saying he was ready to knock out Slik Talk.

“Today is the day I get to knock someone out for talking sh*t on the internet!!! I can’t f*cking wait to meet you in the ring Slik Talk!!!

“This hiding you getting isn’t only for you!!!! Ima f**k you up on behalf of all the keyboard warriors and you cyberbullies!!! #FameVsClout”

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Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk's boxing match
Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk’s boxing match

Slik also posted a video on YouTube trash talking mufasa, claiming there was no chance Cass would knock him out.

He also issued a final warning say it wasn’t too late for Cass to stop the fight from happening.

“All I need from you is to pay me my R100k and apologize to me because what I’m about to do to you is not even legal. It’s about to get ugly for you,” said Slik.

Regardless of what will happen in the ring, Slik is set to get R100K just for participating in the fight and he will get an extra R100k if he knocks Cassper out.