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Buhle Samuels says she is tired of being stereotyped as a gold digger

South African actress Buhle Samuels says she is tired of being stereotyped as a golddigger in her TV roles and this is why she left eTV’s telenovela Imbewu: The Seed.

The star took to social media to pour water of speculation that she was fired from Imbewu: The Seed for not agreeing with producers.

She said she the reason why her character had to be re- casted was because she had refused to always play the gold digger role.

She played the character of Zandile who brought commotion into the Bhengu family.

She also dispelled rumors that she was difficult to work with.

“I was also ‘fired’ from my last job! A job I left because I felt I needed growth and didn’t feel it was possible in that environment. Next thing I’m labeled hard to work with a ‘diva’. I have never been that person. People in any production I have worked with can attest to this,” she said.

She continued, “I keep quiet about so much, I hate how people project their stereotypes on me. I read things and I’m just like oh wow really! Really?! It irks me.”

“The truth, I declined the offer. I didn’t want to play a gold digger again. I’d like to challenge myself, production knew that but still wrote a gold digger role.”