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Ntsiki Mazwai takes aim at EFF, saying it would die without Julius Malema

By Liam Karabo Joyce | IOL |

Controversial poet and singer Ntsiki Mazwai has taken aim at the Economic Freedom Fighters and its leader, Julius Malema.

Not shy to express her dislike of the political party and its leaders, Ntsiki found herself at the top of the trends list after she made some bold statements.

With political parties campaigning ahead of next week’s local municipal elections, many celebrities have expressed their views concerning service delivery and even loadshedding.

However, Ntsiki’s views were a little more personal. Taking to Twitter, the star said that the EFF would die without its leader and that female members of the party were just “tea girls”.

“EFF is dead without Malema,” she tweeted. She then went on to attack the parties women members.

“Yes EFF has women… But does it have female leaders????? All I see is teagirls for Malema.”

Earlier this year Ntsiki said that Malema should not be called a leader.

This, after she said that she believed that during the coronavirus lockdown, which started in March 2020, Malema had shown he did not deserve the title of leader and that, while he had a big bark, he falls short on acting on his promises.

“Lockdown showed us Malema is not a leader, just someone who talks loudly,” she tweeted.

She also said the EFF has lost the members of the party who made it special, comparing the party to an aged pageant queen, which she believes is “sad”.

“Shame. This party has lost all the people who made it special. Now it’s like a past beauty queen. Walking confidently with wrinkles, while people laugh. So sad,” she wrote.

In March this year, Ntsiki hit back at claims that she once wanted to “impose” herself as EFF women’s league president, claiming no woman in the party has as much influence as her.