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From dancing at taxi ranks to becoming a superstar: Makhadzi tells her story

South Africa’s Limpopo born singer and dancer Makhadzi is one public figure with a story of how dedication and hardwork always results in sweet success.

Coming from humble beginnings in the dusty streets of a small village called Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani in Limpopo the Ghanama hit maker has risen from dancing at taxi ranks to gracing the biggest stages in South Africa and the African continent at large.

Makhadzi who is clearly proud of who and where she comes from has shared her story with South Africa detailing how she has struggled to reach where she is now.

“Looking at how far I’ve come, I struggled a lot when I started but at that time I enjoyed what I used to do because I didn’t start by making music.

“I wanted to make money through music. I was doing music because I liked dancing so I was doing it out of love and not knowing I will be where I am today.

“I feel like it was God’s will and he knows my destiny,” said Makhadzi during a Podcast interview with TshisaLive.

Makhadzi opens up on relationship with Master KG
Makhadzi opens up on relationship with Master KG

Although she now has achieved a lot in her country Makhadzi says she hasn’t really reached her main goal which is going world wide.

“I believe slowly but surely I’m going to get there, worldwide. I feel like the world is waiting for me,” she added.

She adds her major aim is to work with Beyoncè and Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz.

“I have been DMing Beyonce for the longest time. I understand she’s busy but I’m praying to God that she has to one day have me af one of her concerts so she doesn’t have to open my DM. She must put me on stage with her so we can work together. I believe it will happen.”

Makhadzi rose to fame by unapologetically embracing her heritage and taking pride in her roots. Through her music which is mostly sang in TshiVenda she’s managed to charm a large audience including those who do not understand the language.

“It’s a good thing having a lot of people like your music. Most people don’t understand Venda but they’re busy dancing to my music,” she said.

Makhadzi is known for making dance and electronic music. However in her latest album, African Queen, she has ventured into other genres such as Amapiano and gospel.