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Cassper Nyovest speaks out on Braai Show Saga says…’I delivered a service and got paid’

South African rapper and soon to be television presenter Cassper Nyovest has finally spoken up about the Braai show saga that has kept Mzansi entertained over the past week.

Cassper who took over the reigns of the reality show from rival AKA, said he is not afraid of legal action and won’t need any legal advice as he has nothing to do with the dispute between AKA and SABC.

Cass announced last Monday that he will be making his television presentation debut as host of The Braai Show on SABC 1.

His announcement came with a lot of arguments and legal battles from AKA who declared himself a copyright co-owner of the show demanding 50 percent ownership of everything including revenue from sponsors and advertisers.

The SABC acknowledged that AKA was taking legal action against them.

The battle between AKA, SABC and the production company of the show left many with questions over Cass’ future with the production.

Responding to a question from a follower Cass made fun of the situation.

‘LOL… Nawe you can sue me tomorrow for answering your tweet and make up the amount that you say I owe you and make headlines. Until you win the case in court, o bua moya fela. People are just making senseless noise. Nothing is being stopped, everything is still going as planned. Why?” said Cass.

Mufasa added that he was not worried about legal action because it didn’t concern him and it was was between AKA and SABC.

“I don’t need a lawyer. I am in no way attached to anything here. I got paid for a service. I delivered a service and I damn well enjoyed shooting The Braai Show with Cass. It’s funny looking arguing about something that’s done,’ said Cassper.

The saga about The Braai Show comes after AKA bowed out as it’s host but said he didn’t know that he was being replaced by Cass.

The show which was created last year was supposed to air on AKA’s mobile app but fans complained of the R50 ($3.46) monthly subscription which saw AKA taking the show to SABC 1.