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Makhadzi’s music videos deleted from YouTube after fall out with ex-manager over royalties

Matorokisi hitmaker, Makhadzi has lost videos with over 30 million views on YouTube after a fallout with her former manager Rita Dee.

The Venda singer has been trending on social media after she expressed how she had been abused by her manager and did not get her rightful royalties from her songs.

All of Makhadzi’s videos are missing on YouTube including, Riya Venda With 10 million views and Matorikisi with 7 million views and other videos with millions of views as well.

Last year Makhadzi and her former manager were involved in another nasty fight.

Makhadzi has made a chain of accusations saying she was mistreated by Rita Dee and she had been robbed of her royalties.

The Riya Venda hitmaker made her chain of accusations in a twitter thread .

“The only thing I did was to ask my ex-manager for my money for my previous album matorokisi, and money for my royalties. What she did was claim my money and delete all videos from Youtube, including riyavenda 10million views and matrokisi 8million views, I didn’t get a cent from my album.”

“Since I asked her to claim money from iTunes, she said they were not working because of lockdown. Now, everything is back to normal, she’s not answering my calls and blocked my numbers. I don’t even know how much I did from my albums. I’m surviving on shows.”

“I want my money, I paid my Picanto car, she doesn’t want to change ownership names. If I can die tomorrow, everything will be under her name, meaning I was born to be a slave. I am tired,” she wrote.

Makhadzi has received support from South Africans as #RitaDeeMustFall has been trending on Twitter and a lawyer has offered to help her take down her former manager.

RitaDee has not yet responded to these allegations. Telly Africa