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Enhle Mbali loses maintenance case against ex-husband Black Coffee

Actress Enhle Mbali has lost a court battle against ex-husband DJ Black Coffee. Mbali had initially demanded R130 000 in maintenance for her life style.

The court struck down her claims as it found them unsubstantiated and unreasonable.

Mbali has requested that Black Coffee pays R80 000 in child maintenance for their two minor children, R30 000 for groceries and household items and $17800 for her beauty cosmetics.

She also demanded that the DJ pays for her medical expenses as she claimed that he could afford it because he made R100 million a year.

Mbali will now get R15000 a month for maintenance and R50 000 in child support.

The couple had a nasty breakup last year as they filed for divorce which is currently on standstill due to Enhle’s demands.

Mbali told the court that she ended up being a stay at home mom after her husband demanded she quits acting on romantic scenes. She therefore wants the DJ to compensate her for the gigs she lost when they were together.

“I also was under pressure from the respondent to not take up acting events as he would not accept me doing any romantic or intimate scenes.

“This demand by the respondent immediately caused many TV production companies and numerous projects that I had been lined up for, to cancel or drop me from their lists of Actresses,”

“This because, presently, romantic scenes are part and parcel of the mainstream television, and slowly and incrementally, I found myself becoming a stay at home mom without really being aware of it,” read Mbali’s court papers.

It is because of these reasons that Mbali demanded that Black Coffee should settle her legal fees of about R4 million and R131 00 monthly maintenance, R17800 for her beauty expenses, medical expenses and a R30 000 monthly stipends.

She has also has applied that the country declares her antenuptial contract with the DJ null because she was duped into signing it. Telly Africa