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AKA takes legal action over ‘Braai Show’… producers ready for showdown

South African rapper AKA real name Kiernan Forbes has taken his fight against production companies, Cake Media and MakhuduCom Media and state broadcaster SABC to court over his exclusion from taking part in The Braai Show.

The rapper who has been booted out as presenter of the show and replaced with his rival Cassper Nyovest is legally fighting for 50% of copyrights for the show set to air for its second season on Wednesday 8 September.

In a legal letter sent to the SABC, AKA claimed that he entered into a partnership with MakhuduCom Media last year in March to create the content for his Mobile App, AKA TV.

The two parties agreed on jointly vested copyright and other rights to the show. However, in October MakhuduCom could not pay for the show so they ceded all rights to Cake Media in exchange for settling production costs.

The show was then taken to SABC.

‘The Braai Show’ saga: AKA ‘plays no role in season two’ as Cassper Nyovest takes over
‘The Braai Show’ saga: AKA ‘plays no role in season two’ as Cassper Nyovest takes over

In February this year the state broadcaster requested for another season with the rapper but due to personal reasons he wasn’t able to continue with hosting the show.

That’s when Cake Media approached Cassper Nyovest to be the new host for the show.

AKA has now demanded 50% ownership of the show which includes proceeds from the channel and sponsorships, brands or otherwise. He also demands to be given appropriate credit as the executive producer of the show.

Speaking on his behalf, AKA’s lawyers demanded half of all the proceeds received in relation to the show in his capacity as a joint copyright owner as well as “the appropriate production credit as Executive Producer of the show.”

They also demanded that the SABC “cease the scheduled airing of the show… as per the tweet disseminated on the SABC’s Twitter page on Monday 09 August 2021,” and agree to this demand within 48 hours or face legal action along with “a cost order on an attorney and client scale.”

In response to AKA’s demands Cake Media and MakhuduCom who claim to be the sole owners of the show have said they are left with no option but to protect their business interests.

“We have instituted legal proceedings against Kiernan Forbes (AKA) to desist from causing more harm to our brands and business.

“We are confident about our legal position and all will be revealed through legal means,” read the statement.

Cake Media and MakhuduCom added that regardless of AKA’s demands production of the show will continue.

“We have an obligation to the entertainment loving public, the broadcasters and other stakeholders,” they continued.