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Nigerian singer Simi threatens to block fans who are saying she’s pregnant

Nigerian award-winning singer Simisola ‘Simi’ Kosoko, has shot down rumors that she’s pregnant and threatened to block trolls spreading such rumors.

The ‘Jericho’ singer took to Instagram sharing pictures of her daughter, Adejere in a posture that seemed like she was about to somersault. Most of her followers commented on the picture saying it was a sign that she was pregnant.

In response Simi posted on her Instastories saying, “Lotta people saying babies do that when their mom is pregnant. She did that months ago too, and I ain’t seen no baby. Don’t let me block you ok? Pregnant ko covenant ni.”

She then took the opportunity to educate her trolls that they need to watch how they comment on people’s posts because some of these comments affects people’s lives.

“I cannot make much of the hostility of strangers who do not know me. Fame taints our views of the humanity of famous people. But the truth is that the famous person remains irretrievably human. Fame does not inoculate the famous person from disappointment and depression, fame does not make you any less angered or hurt by the duplicitous nature of people,” she said.

She added that celebrities are human too and do not have supernatural powers and that’s what people need to understand.

“To be famous is to be assumed to have power, which is true. But in the analysis of fame, people often ignore the vulnerability that comes with fame and they are unable to see how others who have nothing to lose can lie and connive in order to take advantage of that fame, while not having a single thought to the feelings and humanity of the famous person,” she added.

Simi rose to fame in 2008 after releasing her debut studio album titled Ogaju. Her other songs include Jericho featuring Patoranking, Love on Me and I dun care.