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Kwesta opens up on fallout with ex-Manager Nota and struggle for YouTube login details

South African rapper Kwesta has opened up on why he and his ex-manager Nota Baloyi had a fall out saying there was no contract between them but Nota thought Kwesta was his artist.

The Ngud’ rapper, born Senzo Vilakazi, said this during a 2 hour long interview with controversial podcaster MacG on his show, Podcast and Chill.

They spoke about everything including how Kwesta met his new producer Slikour and his upcoming album, g.o.d GULUVA.

Speaking about his ex-manager Kwesta narrated how Nota became his manager, ‘not by any contract or by any conversation.’

“The biggest F**k up that people do, that we did is just say ase spane (let’s just work. Kante wena, you’re working under different circumstances or terms and I’m working on different sh*t and in your head you’re the record label, in my head you’re not but that’s how we were working.

“And then 15 years later we realize or you point out or make it seem like I didn’t or have always known that this was the case or vice versa,” said Kwesta.

Senzo Brikka Vilakazi known professionally as Kwesta, is a South African rapper and songwriter.
Senzo Brikka Vilakazi known professionally as Kwesta, is a South African rapper and songwriter.

MacG then asked Kwesta when the fallout happened and if it was around the time when his hit track Ngud’ was released. Kwesta said it started in 2018 though it wasn’t that serious and also revealed he was not in charge of anything to do with his music except singing in the studio.

“I was never in charge of anything except what I do in the studio. But I think my fault is that I wanted it like that, I didn’t wanna f**k with all that other sh*t because I knew in my head, how it works is that… I know my niggas are here, niggas are here because I’m dope it’s the bottom line whether its d*k thing to say or not.

“I’m saying that under the pretenses at which things run, Nota has this idea that I’m his artist like he signed me and obviously that he made me and I’m saying that cause he’s obviously been saying that.”

“Now we have this issue with the YouTube channel… they are holding on to the YouTube channel it has my name on it, and will see what to do with it but in the meantime we will put something out,” Kwesta mentioned.

With his new album coming up Kwetsa will have to create a new YouTube channel as Nota has refused to surrender login details without compensation.

In a social media post Nota claimed he is the one who made him.

“You have more than a million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thanks to me. A roof over your head and can feed your kids. Don’t thank me now but at least show some gratitude not brat-itude. I wasn’t paid for the blood, sweat and tears it took to build that!

“Africori can’t access Vevo and Urbantainment won’t surrender everything we build for you to exploit without compensating.

“I can’t pretend that this snide response to a simple question isn’t malicious. Just be honest and say ‘it wasn’t my page to begin with and DaKAR is BNS IP,” said Nota in a social media post.