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Kelly Khumalo hits back at gospel fans who criticize her lifestyle

Outspoken South African singer Kelly Khumalo has hit back at fans who were criticizing her relationship with Christianity while pointing at her lifestyle.

Kelly Khumalo who recently torched a storm by saying South Africans who supported ‘Black Twitter’ were teaching their children to be bullies has once again in a lengthy Instagram video took aim at fans who want to take up the role of ‘Judge Judy’ or gatekeepers of the gospel genre.

“Those of you who call yourselves Christians stop! Because you don’t even know what you go to church for. ‘Our God, Our God’ Gha! Sies! The very same God you’re talking about is the one that blesses me on a daily basis because he knows exactly who I am. I don’t try and put up a front.”

“I am no gospel artist and I don’t wish to be. I’m perfect as I am. If you have a problem as fan it is very simple, F@#$ unfollow. It is that’s simple,” she added.

Khumalo is known for having all the time in the world to address issues in her heart. She has always spoken out her truths and never minces her words.

Last week she took aim at her followers and everyone in general who supported cyberbullying in the name of ‘Black Twitter’ saying they were teaching their children to be bullies.

In a video posted on her Instagram the Empini crooner said;

“I have seen how the majority of this country endorses bullying, even giving it a name: ‘Black Twitter’. And you are surprised when your children follow in your footsteps. You are teaching them. If you want them to be kind humans, you start with being kind, even on the internet.”