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Burna Boy’s alleged “side chick” Jo Pearl reacts to those attacking her

Burna Boy’s alleged side chick, Jo Pearl has hit back at critics who slammed her for exposing her alleged secret love affair with the Nigerian musical giant.

The UK based model shared a series of posts on Monday addressing her critics.

“It’s the hypocritical comments for me… Some d you never been in love and it shows. Also, this generation’s obsession with transactional relationships is disgusting.

“The idea that someone is simply in love sounds outlandish to so many of you, it’s quite scary. God help my generation. Lastly, I’m beautiful dieeee! Inside and out so let’s not even bother to question my looks and character. Peace and love.

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don
Burna Boy and Stefflon Don

As she said last week that her breakup with Burna Boy led to her mental breakdown. In her latest posts she has hinted that she’s meeting a therapist for some healing after the messy breakup.

“While people are trolling, I’ve never felt so free in two years. I’m scheduled to see my therapist tonight.”

This comes after the 23-year-old model exposed Burna Boy for being in a secret relationship with him for the past two years.

She narrated how she met and fell in love with Burna Boy through Instagram and they travelled together to his concerts.

In the videos she claimed that her relationship with Burna started way before the artiste got involved in another relationship with UK rapper Stefflon Don.

Jo Pearl has also taken to her Instagram Stories where she alleged that Stefflon Don called her a ‘Nollywood actress’ whilst begging for answers and pieces of evidence in her DMs.

“Bro it’s really taken everything in me to keep quiet but the audacity of this woman to call me a ‘Nollywood actress’ whilst begging for answers and evidences in my DMs will forever leave me gobsmacked,” she wrote.