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Muvhango actress, Buhle Samuels ‘fired’ for ‘erratic’ onset behaviour

Actress Buhle Samuels’ departure from SABC 2 soap ‘Muvhango’ remains unclear and shrouded in mystery with two conflicting stories that she was fired while the other version suggests she quit.

Some sources have revealed that the bootylicious actress was given the boot because of her erratic on set behavior which had become too much to handle for the producers.

Two members of the production team and one actor revealed that the actress who played Matshidiso had too many demands which were almost impossible to meet.

One crew member said Samuels had become a nightmare to work with and was too demanding. Some production members laid several complaints about her alleged behavior which could have been the result for her dramatic exit.

Another production staffer revealed to a local South African publication that Samuels had crazy demands and a bad attitude and was rude to make up artists and other support staff members.

“She is a great actress, but her behavior is unspeakable. She has a short temper and unpredictable outbursts. She was literally fighting with everyone onset,” said a crew member.

However, other crew members had different views as they said, Samuels was being targeted by crew members who were just jealous of her accomplishments.

The same source said Samuels left Muvhango because she knew she was being targeted and they were plans to get rid of her.

Muvhango’s boss rubbished reports that she was fired, he said Samuels resigned from the drama to join another drama produced by Connie and Shona Ferguson.

Buhle Samuels is known for playing a Conny character of Matshidiso on Muvhango. She drew a lot of attention with her big booty which she always flaunted on television.