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Bongo Maffin’s Stoan on why he is moving focus away from music

By Thando Khanye

With the world of entertainment strangled by the coronavirus inspired stay at home orders, Bongo Maffin’s Serai “Stoan” Seate has said that music will no longer be his main focus as he pursues other income streams.

Bongo Maffin’s Serai "Stoan" Seate
Bongo Maffin’s Serai “Stoan” Seate

In a revealing thread on Twitter, written on his 45th birthday, Stoan said that after 25 years in the music industry, he did not see himself trying to pick up the pieces again. The last few weeks had forced him in introspect and have a relook at his life.

“Dumelang. Today is my 45th birthday and this year I’m also celebrating 25 years in music and entertainment. I feel blessed that God has given me so much life and has brought me this far. And As some of you might have noticed, I have been off social media for a few weeks, “ he wrote.

He noted that, after a quarter of a century in Showbiz, he had to acknowledge that financial security for him now lies elsewhere.

“For the first time in my 25-year career, I have to admit that my family’s financial future no longer lies in the music entertainment industry. This is a heartbreaking admission for me to make, especially after investing more than half my life and best years in this, but it’s the truth,” he wrote.

While the South African government has tried to cushion artistes, it was not nearly enough to easy their pain, Stoan said.

“I’ve seen what the government tried to do, but we all know it’s not even nearly enough. I don’t see the proportionality reflected in the minister’s efforts,” he said.

Stoan later told TshisaLIVE that he had a number of business projects in the pipeline, including mask production and property development.

He also has a TV show that is expected to premiere soon on Mzansi Magic.

“So life goes on and bills need to be paid. Children need warm winter clothes, with winter around the corner … One has to make decisions that are obvious and right now it’s quite clear: the music industry is going to suffer for the foreseeable future,” he said. Telly Africa