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‘Move on bruv, your only claim to fame was dating me’ – Juliet Ibrahim tells ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has told rapper Iceberg Slim to move on from their failed relationship, as she has grown tired of his attempts to mend fences and get back with her.

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has told rapper Iceberg Slim to move on from their failed relationship
Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has told rapper Iceberg Slim to move on from their failed relationship

The once adored couple severed ties in 2018, with Iceberg Slim’s infidelity reported to have been the cause of the much publicized break up.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Ibrahim dished out more dirt on Iceberg, imploring him to stay away from her.

“Iceberg Slim, Our relationship ended 2 years ago as a result of your wayward opportunistic and unfaithful nature. Somehow, you still find ways to publicly get my attention through several means,” part of her lengthy post read.

“I made it clear to you when I left you that I have no hard feelings against you and I wish you well as we both move on with our lives, yet even though I’ve blocked you from contacting me on various platforms, you still find ways to reach out or refer to me in posts on your social media pages.”

She pleaded for distance from the rapper, urging him to seek professional help for whatever problems he might have in coming to grips with the past.

“Your emails still come through in my Junk mail and I have no idea why you would expect a response when I made it clear to you that I want nothing to do with you. You are forgiven, please let me be after this public announcement and move on with your life just like I have.

“Refrain from harassing my life with your narcissistic need for validation. Put a halt to all the Emails pleading for my presence to discuss the past and do seek a professional therapist to help you overcome the trauma you’re currently experiencing,” she wrote.

The actress also expressed her displeasure at the musician’s use of cover songs to try and come to terms with his infidelity.

“FYI, Singing cover songs about cheating and exes is NOT a form of therapy. Good luck in all your endeavours. This is the last time I will answer to any of your posts about me or senseless cover songs directed at me on your social media pages, shebi na cheat you cheat you no kill pesin? Can you now take a bow and exit the stage?

“This is all stale and I don’t need no more of your negativity and toxicity in, nor around my life now. I choose not to be friends with you for my own sanity and personal reasons so please do refrain from contacting me. Thank you,” she concluded.

In an interview with Ghanaian host Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay, the actress narrated how their relationship had met its end. She noted that she had suspected the rapper was unfaithful after he told her not to make their relationship public.

Ibrahim said she discovered the truth after she decided to defy this. Ibrahim revealed that it was at this point that his ex-girlfriend of four years told her that Slim was still dating her.