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The Hollywood Reporter names Trevor Noah ‘Busiest Man in Comedy’

“The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been dubbed the “busiest man in comedy” by US publication The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Gracing the cover of the weekly print publication, Noah is one of the biggest entertainment exports from Mzansi.

Having started his career as one of the biggest local comedians, Noah has become a bonafide Hollywood star since becoming the host of the “The Daily Show”.

In the lengthy interview with the US publication, Noah talks about taking over from Jon Stewart back in 2015 and how “Hurricane Trump” was the moment he no longer felt like Stewart’s replacement. Further saying that his experience as a South African dealing with political turmoil gave him the necessary tools to tackle the current political state in America.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter he said: “We joke about it (politics) not to minimize it but to try and heal the wounds.”

The interview further goes on to give a detailed timeline of Noah’s rise to fame and share how Noah is prepping for the upcoming US elections.

Since his rise to stardom, Noah has done world tours, released his best selling autobiography ‘Born a Crime’ and become a household name in America. IOL