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Pearl Thusi was ‘very scared’ of Kelly Khumalo during #BehindTheStory

Pearl Thusi received heavy criticism following the latest episode of BET’s “Behind The Story”, where the star admitted she was scared of her guest, Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly Khumalo and Pearl Thusi. Picture: Twitter
Kelly Khumalo and Pearl Thusi. Picture: Twitter

“Kelly the first thing I ever said to you was, I’m very scared of you,” revealed Thusi during the interview on Wednesday night and viewers believed the statement proved true as Thusi seemed intimidated to ask pivotal questions.

”I’m very scared to ask the questions some of you guys sent but I will endeavour to be brave,” said Thusi in a shaky voice.

Taking to Twitter fans expressed their disappointment at the show, with many labelling the show a total letdown.


But Mamma Pantha, as she is fondly known, quickly jumped in to defend herself, in a series of tweets she replied.

“…to expect me to ambush my guests or make them feel attacked by my line of questioning will never happen. To change their opinions or stories with my feelings or moral ethics/code is not what the show is about. It’s called ‘Behind The Story, not ‘What Pearl Thinks’,” she wrote.


She continued: This show is not a tabloid fest. I will not use this platform as a sensationalist platform to attack my black brothers and sisters and break them down. I’m celebrating them while I get to know and understand their story. It’s their story, not mine, and my feelings come second.”


While some were criticising Thusi’s hosting skills, others raised their concerns about Khumalo’s determination to keep her son away from his father, singer and television presenter Molemo known as Jub Jub’ Maarohanye.

“I’m happy with my son hating me later, I’m totally happy with that. I’m raising an honourable man, the best way I know how, and what I have experienced at the hands of that person is enough for me to close the door completely,” said Khumalo.

Though the couple is no longer together, tweeps thought the ‘Jehovah’ star was being unfair to keep the son away from his father.