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No show by Amapiano star Young Stunna sparks violence in Bulawayo

A no show by South African musician Young Stunna led to ugly scenes in Bulawayo on Saturday night, as revellers ran riot and rained down missiles on stage in frustration at being shortchanged by promoters.

Dubbed the Shorts and Shades party, the gig at the Bulawayo International Exhibition Centre ended abruptly during performer Nizhe De Soul’s set, as missiles were thrown on stage by fans who felt that they were not going to see the headline act, Young Stunna as promised.

In a video that is circulating on social media, an announcer can be heard trying to reprimand an unruly crowd as bottles were thrown on stage by the unruly crowd.

A voice was heard from the Public Address (PA) system bellowing the words, “Bulawayo you have embarrassed us. Lithi abuye kanjan’uYoung Stunna lijika amambodlela?”

According to one of the organisers who spoke to Nehenda Radio anonymously, Young Stunna had decided to boycott the show after Zimbabwean immigration officials told him that he could not get into the country with some members of his team.

“When he got to the airport they told him that he was the only person that had been cleared to come into the country as a performer.

“Immigration officials said his road manager, his DJ and camera person were not on the list they had been given so they could not let them enter.

“Young Stunna decided to make a return back to SA because it would have been impossible for him to perform without his DJ,” said the source.

This is not the first time that a gig involving the “Bopha” and “Adiwele” hitmaker has led to drama in Bulawayo.

Last year, fans who attended another show were left feeling short-changed after Young Stunna walked off stage in a huff after facing a technical glitch. The hitmaker took to the stage at 1am and after performing one song, the sound suddenly went off, briefly.

A clearly enraged Young Stunna was seen pointing at his colleagues before walking off the stage. Fans were hoping the South African muso would return to the stage after the technical glitch was fixed, but it was not to be.