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Zodwa Wabantu accepts her sangoma calling – ‘It all makes sense now’

South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has embarked on a new journey, this time around she will be connecting with her ancestors.

Zodwa accepted her ancestral calling over the weekend and has shared pictures of herself in a stream wrapped in traditional healer cloths.

The entertainer revealed to a local publication that she started having dreams of her calling last year in September.

“The dreams started in September and October, but I’ve always been this person. I don’t wear makeup, I wear expensive watches and earrings and they get lost and now I know it’s because they (ancestors) don’t want them,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa who is also a businessperson and aspiring politician, said the past weekend she was performing rituals to inform her ancestors that she was accepting their call.

“It started this Saturday because I went there and I spent R35k ($2300) with the goat. I flew uBaba from KZN so it started this weekend. So going to the water meant ‘ngiyi nkosazana ya manzi’ (water princess). There are more procedures to be done. I still have to go see uBaba,” she added.

Although she’s been sharing snaps of her rituals in traditional healer cloths, Zodwa says she has not been initiated yet and she still has to do four more ceremonies.

“So I’m not going to be those Sangomas who are supposed to go initiate, they will tell me. So I dream then I go home and tell them what I dreamt and they interpret that for me. I only work with what they are telling me.

“I can’t wake up and say I’m going to so and so because I’m going to initiate. They will tell me where to go and I will go there and I will let people know. I will accept and go but for now its an acceptance that they are using me and taking me through this journey,” she explained.

Zodwa who has always publicly admitted having a huge appetite for sex and money, said she laid ground rules for her ancestors to give her a lot of money and not to block her from being with the person she loves.

She said, “I told them I want lots of money, I want to be happy. I told them with men I don’t want to be deprived and be a bitter old woman or a sangoma. If I’m going to be one. I don’t want to be angry that I can’t have sex.

“If they don’t like or want him then they must send another one. They should never refuse for me to be with someone. I love sex.”