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Khanyi Mbau slams reports that her 15-year-old daughter is pregnant

South African musician and actress Khanyi Mbau has rubbished rumors that her 15-year-old daughter is pregnant and hit back at those trolling her.

This follows reports that her daughter, Khanukani had fallen pregnant. She took to Instagram to tell trolls that her daughter was beyond the limit.

“I am not one to entertain gossip especially from any gossip blog,” read her caption.

She continued highlighting that the ‘most hurtful, false things’ have been said about her over the past 18 years.

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Although she has taken all the false news about herself in a stride, she refuses to sit back and watch her daughter being bullied.

“But one thing I will not allow is my daughter being victimized and abused by a rumour started by a woman on TikTok @bigmmam9410 from an innocent family video posted by Lasizwe,” said Khanyi.

The rumor started spreading after Lasizwe posted a family video in which Khanyi’s daughter was present wearing baggy clothes.

Khanyi has always kept her daughter away from the entertainment industry but her fans got a glimpse of her on the BET Africa reality show series, ‘Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise’ in which they showcase their mother and daughter relationship.

“Hate me all you want but @Mbau2 is a child. The fact that they first thought that comes to your minds is that a child could be pregnant shows how sick of a society we have all become.

“This is a form of cyberbullying and you are all bullying a child!!! My Child! and this needs to stop,” added Khanyi.

The ‘Red Room’ actress went on to challenge the bloggers to come for her and leave her child out of it.

“COME FOR ME I am in the game! My success has always had you all mad BUT LAY OF MY CHILD WITH ALL THIS FAKE NEWS! NONE OF U HAD PERFECT BODIES AT 15 she is going through puberty and is a developing young girl!!!” she said.