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Dr Malinga assures fans he is fine after ‘near death experience’

South African musician and producer Dr Malinga has assured fans that he is fine after he was involved in a car accident over the weekend.

Malinga’s car crashed while he was driving going to his resort in Soshanguve.

He took to social media and narrated the accident in the form of a video he made at the accident scene.

In the video the ‘Via Orlando’ hit maker walked around showing his fans how the accident almost claimed his life.

“Hey guys, I nearly died,” he explained. “I was driving from Motetema and then going to my resort in Soshanguve. I was driving from Motswako lounge because I was performing there.”

He added that he was going to sort out a ‘crisis’ at his resort.

“Some guy entered from nowhere. I tried to hold my brakes but just like that, Accident! My car spun but I’m still alive. Nearly died in a car accident but I’m okay,” he added.

Though he escaped well, he mentioned that three people in the other car and they all got injured.

He later took to Facebook revealing that on the 12th of December last year, he laid his sister to rest and in the same month this year he nearly died.

“Now I know why LORD saved my life yesterday. Coz I was singing this song (praising him) an hour before my accident with my friend John Mkakati, Cindi Ngasinda engozini.”