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Rudeboy’s wife Anita delighted she didn’t take sides during P-Square rift

Anita Okoye the wife of Paul Okoye affectionately known as ‘Rudeboy’ has said she’s delighted that she didn’t take sides during the P-Square rift.

The two brothers who had split in 2016 reunited earlier this week. A video of the duo embracing each other went viral and everyone has shared their opinions about the reunion.

Anita also shared her thoughts saying she was glad to have had a great relationship with both of them independently from their feud.

P-Square: Nigerian Afrobeats twins make up after years of feuding
P-Square: Nigerian Afrobeats twins make up after years of feuding

Writing on her Instagram as the brothers celebrated their birthday, she said their reunion was the best birthday present for both of them.

She said, “dem be one no be two! Happy birthday Ejima (twins). This is best birthday present either of you could receive!”

She continued, “thank you for letting me have such a great relationship with both of you independent of your rift. I am delighted I didn’t let your coconut heads let me choose sides.

“There’s a lesson here: Do not ever involve yourself in a tiff that doesn’t concern you and don’t let social media and the opinion of those who do not matter define your situation! Let God guide you! Love twins.”

Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Ehumadu
Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Ehumadu

Meanwhile Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Ehumadu has defended his comments saying he did not insult anyone after saying the twins reunited because they were losing relevance in the music industry as solo artists.

He wrote on his Instagram, “Rude Boy Paul of P-square and his brother Peter noticed they were going out of the music market as solo artists and decided to come back together as they are tired of losing out.”

Defending his comment Ehumadu said it was an opinion and not everyone is expected to agree with it.

“I said my honest opinion on my guys, P-Square with a clear heart without insulting anyone. Now you all came down on me with all these heavy insults. This is too much on me and it’s choking me,” he said.

After their reunion the duo went on to jointly celebrate their 40th birthday where they performed some of their hit songs.

It is not yet clear if the brothers reunited only on family grounds or also as a singing powerhouse.