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Millionaire Davido says fans sent him £300,000 after Twitter appeal

Talk of a hardcore fanbase! Nigeria’s megastar Davido asked his fans for some money and he says he has received £300 000 nearly US$450 000.

The ‘assurance’ singer took to twitter and asked his fans for money then shared his banking details.

He wrote, ‘“If u know I’ve given you a hit song .. send me money …. una know una selves oo.

“David Adeleke, Wema Bank Account Number:0123044967.”

In less than 24 hours Davido had raised over N100 million starting a #showmeyourfriends challenge that is now trending on social media.

Davido has since come back on social media sharing screenshots of the money he has received so far. It mounts to more than 170 million Naira which totals to about £300 000.

The singer said his goal was to reach at least 100 million Naira to clear his Rolls Royce at the seaport in Nigeria and to pay outstanding bills to get his new ride.

“Omo 7 m in 10 minutes keep goin!! I love y’all! AIM NAH 100m I wan clear my rolls Royce from port abeg.”

His die hard fans have said although they know he is richer than them, they sent him the money out of love.

Abubakr who spoke to Radio 1 Newsbeat said, “I did it out of love. I know he is much richer than me and people saying why would I do that.

“It makes me feel happy. It feels like one of my aims has been achieved. It’s rare for a fan to transact with a celebrity.”

However another fan suggested it was not good for Davido to be asking his fans for money.

“The world is really going crazy, how can Davido ask fans [for] money?”

Davido has previously given his fans some money. Earlier this year he offered $10 000 in a singing and dancing competition which he launched on Instagram.