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SA rapper DA L.E.S addresses beef with AKA and baby mama drama

South African rapper Da L.E.S has opened on how his bromance with fellow rapper AKA came to an end with more questions than answers.

Last year the pair trended after L.E.S released his song ‘Gucci Snakes’ which filled the streets with speculation that it was aimed at AKA.

This was also followed by reports that AKA was romantically involved with Da L.E.S’s baby mama.

On Friday L.E.S opened up and cleared the air about the beef during Lasizwe’s Drink or Tell The Truth show on YouTube.

He was asked, “You did a diss track about AKA sleeping with your baby mama. Is that why you are not cool anymore? Will you ever make peace?”

To which the ‘Lifestyle’ hitmaker responded saying, “I am glad you asked me this question. Number 1, that track was never about AKA and that’s on period. Number 2, don’t believe everything that people say, and number 3 I just decided to choose a path of family and I got a new kid on the way.”

He then continued saying there was no beef between him and AKA.

“We were at the Spar the other day and we were just conversing so there isn’t any beef… just because MacG said something it does not mean it is true.”

“Gucci Snakes is not about AKA, What the hell! Gucci Snakes is literally about Gucci Snakes. This is hip hop guys,” he added.

He also said he will still do collaborations with AKA.

L.E.S neither confirmed nor denied the claims of his baby mama being involved with AKA.

Earlier this year when the scandal resurfaced after AKA was accused of abusing his late fiancee Anele Tembe, L.E.S’ baby mama put out a statement saying she was focusing on her future.

“In moments of tragedy, there are no winners. It is with a heavy heart, but I choose to focus on the future where my family and love is the baseline; I think we need a lot more of it to go around, as no one wins in conflict!” read her statement.