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Language expert says AKA’s ‘tell-all’ interview body language did not match his words

Language experts have revealed that AKA’s body language during his “tell all” interview which was aired over the weekend did not match his words.

The South African rapper whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, sat with broadcaster Thembekile Mrototo in his Johannesburg home where he discussed a number of issues about his relationship with late fiancée, Anele ‘Nellie’ Tembe and the events leading her death.

In the latest episode of controversial podcaster MacG’s ‘Podcast and Chill’ body language expert Courtney Kleu discussed the rapper’s emotions, body language and his words saying there was no match.

Courtney revealed that she looks out for the seven universal emotions, which are happiness, sadness, anger, contempt, disgust, surprise and neutrality, but on AKA’s issue she focused on three: sadness, contempt and disgust.

“We see him saying, ‘We said some very mean things to each other’, and he shows anger. There’s the thoroughgoing of the eyes and the eyebrows and that is congruent with what he is saying. He is recalling, we’ve said some nasty things and he shows anger,” she said.

She added: “whether its his own anger of what he said or anger from what Anele said, we still see it.”

Courtney also adds that the Jika rapper showed contempt when he spoke of Anele threatening to kill herself.

“The he goes on to say ‘and the she threatened to kill herself.’ Shows contempt, interesting. Why is he showing contempt there? Just something to consider,” she added.

Kleu explained that the first moment she saw sadness during the interview was when AKA spoke about looking around the hotel room and not seeing Anele.

“And then he goes, ‘I looked down the street and that’s where she was.’ Now here you expect to see sadness, you expect to see someone that’s distraught, but instead, you see contempt. Mouth flicking up on the one hand side,” she explained.

Courtney, who owns the School of Etiquette in Sandton, said AKA was showing disgust when commenting about his relationship with Anele especially when he said, ‘she was my everything.’

“One of the last comments that really interested me was when he was going through this heartfelt thing of saying you know we loved each other, we had good times together.

“And he says, ’she was my everything’ and he shows disgust very clearly. Showing disgust when saying that is really strange,” she said.