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South African police investigating death of AKA fiancée Anele Tembe

Police are investigating the death of Anele Tembe after her body was found outside the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town on Sunday. Tembe the fiancée of South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes died after she allegedly fell from the tenth floor of the hotel.

According to police, investigations into the tragic event are currently underway.

“Cape Town Central police are investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel this morning at about 7.45am on the corners of Loop and Bloem streets in the CBD, where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found deceased,” said Western Cape police spokesperson Capt FC Van Wyk.

Meanwhile, unofficial reports suggest that this was a suicide event as Anele was known to have been ‘suffering from depression.’

AKA shared the exciting news on social media, posting snaps of himself accompanied by a group of men who appeared to his lobola delegation.
AKA shared the exciting news on social media, posting snaps of himself accompanied by a group of men who appeared to his lobola delegation.

Tembe is also said to have tried to take her own life last year while in Durban but didn’t go through with it after police intervened.

The Tembe and Forbes family have requested privacy and time to heal.

In a joint statement released by the two families, they described Nellie as an exceptional and gifted young woman who had a promising life ahead of her.

‘It is with deepest regret that we, the Tembe and Forbes families, confirm the untimely passing of our beloved fiancée, daughter, sister, and daughter-in-law, Anele Tembe,” read part of the statement.

“We are still in shock and are dealing with our emotions as she was an exceptional and gifted young woman with so much life ahead of her.

“She had a sweet nature and was always nurturing to those around her. He fiancé, Kiernan Forbes, is currently inconsolable. At this hour of our grief, we humbly request that our families be given privacy and time to heal.”

Prior to her death, Tembe was seen as a happy soul who was probably looking towards her wedding.

Hours before the death, the couple, as seen on AKA’s Instastories, were shopping at the Mahosa store before having lunch with friends. They were then seen having a good time at Ayeyep Lifestyle club, where the rapper was performing.

Social media users have been left with so many unanswered questions on what could have gone wrong with the young lady, while others claim depression is unpredictable hence the ‘suicide.’

“Nellie looked so happy… then boom! If she was depressed… you wouldn’t know. Which goes to show that you never know what someone is dealing with. I pray for her family, friends, AKA and everyone who was close to her,” tweeted @RealRaspy.

Another user, Golden Medusa said, “People saying there’s no way Nellie could’ve committed suicide considering she was about to get married and seemed happy shows how much people don’t understand depression.”