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Isibaya actress Zinhle Ngwenya allegedly beat up husband

South Africa’s Isibaya soap actress Zinhle Ngwenya has been exposed for being an abusive partner after she allegedly physically attacked her husband Robert Ngwenya.

Reports have it that the actress attacked her husband with a bottle of perfume, a broomstick, a pair of scissors, a photo frame and fists on separate incidents of domestic violence in their Blue Valley Estate in Midrand, Gauteng.

Zinhle is popular for her role as Sihle on Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya.

It is alleged that she violently pushed her husband who fell so hard on the staircase of their double story house after verbally abusing him by calling him all sorts of names.

Robert has since left the matrimonial house and is living elsewhere in Gauteng, after he got her arrested for attempted murder when he was shot and his bodyguard was killed by a gunman who opened fire at his vehicle.

A security guard, Lindo Buda said in a police statement that he was on duty last year on 25 September when his control room informed him of a domestic violence incident at Ngwenya’s house.

Upon arrival Buda saw Zinhle allegedly trying to stab Robert with a pair of scissors.

“I took the scissors away from her,” said Buda in the statement.

Buda says in an attempt to escape his wife’s aggression, Robert jumped into his BMW 118, but the famous actress broke the driver’s side mirror and got into the car and tried to confiscate the car keys from the defenseless Robert.

The security says he rushed to call for backup and when he came up he found the couple still at it.

“Suddenly I saw the wife holding a broom stick… the husband was evading her.”

The couple’s domestic worker, Lydia Batere also said on June 3 last year the actress attacked her husband with a photo frame.

“Mrs Ngwenya was shouting at Mr Ngwenya. She even called him sfabe (Cheat)…. Mrs Ngwenya suddenly took a photo glass frame from the top of the chest draw and threw it at Mr Ngwenya,” reads her statement.

Robert in his statement also claims that his wife attacked him with a bottle of perfume, a mirror and moered him.

“She started to push me and I was off balance and fell down on the stairs,” he said.

“She followed me to the bathroom, I didn’t see her when she got inside, I only realized when I turned back because I heard something beating me on the head. When I checked I found that it was my wife who beat me with a glass frame (mirror). The mirror broke and fell down.

“Then she started to beat me with fists and also slapped me with open hands,’ he said in his statement.

Although Zinhle has refused to comment on the issue, some of these incidents have been corroborated by their child. Zinhle’s lawyer Joshua Shapiro has promised to release a written response on the issue.