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“Your ex-husband didn’t beat you, stop lying” – Sandra Iheuwa drags Victoria Inyama

Media personality Sandra Iheuwa has accused Nigerian actress Victoria Inyama of lying that her ex-husband was beating her up. Iyeuwa who is one of Ubi Franklin’s baby mamas and the Nollywood actress have been at each other’s throats on Instagram.

It all started off as a piece of advice to single mothers from Iheuwa, but ended up as war between the two personalities. Iheuwa was condemning single mothers who want to slay but do not want to work.

“If you collect child support every month put that money to good use by starting up something even if it’s small because that money go stop someday if you don’t receive 1 cent from the father of your child find something to do o,” she wrote.

“I know someone who is a single mom but her priority in this life is to take pictures and post on Ig I don’t know if she is trying to pepper the father of her child / Children…..but sis the real come up is to level up financially….step on those necks and elevate. You can’t be slaying on the gram with $500 in your bank account”

It seems Victoria took offense and attacked, Iheuwa telling her to stop speaking in that manner saying they are different types of single mothers; the ones whose husbands died, the formerly married ones like herself who left due to domestic violence, and the ones who never married.

Victoria was telling Sandra to focus on baby mamas who never got married like herself and not those who became single due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sandra did not take this well and hit back at Victoria saying, “stop claiming domestic violence advocate… your ex-husband didn’t beat you stop lying so people can have pity on you. You are one sick human being… jog on ‘government property’.”

Sandra then captioned the statement mocking Victoria saying, “To the Ms I have PhD in social Psychology…. Psycho kill you there…. People are using their degree to make serious bucks. You are online jumping on posts that doesn’t concern you. Domestic Violence advocate kill you there.”