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Reality TV star MaMkhize and son face eviction from Sandton properties

Socialite and flamboyant businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize popularly known as MaMkhize together with her son Andile Mpisane are facing eviction from four properties worth close to R20 million in Sandton after Joburg businessman, Yaron Peretz applied for a court order to evict them.

This comes after the duo allegedly reneged on a cash sale deal with the owner of the properties.

MaMkhize and her son are known for their taste for finer things and parading their lavish lifestyle, designer clothes, luxury rides and expensive food.

In the papers Peretz says on July 29, 2020 Andile agreed and signed to buy four posh houses in Sandton through cash installments.

The purchase price for the first property being, R8.25 million, the second was going for R3.95million, the third one was over R 2million and the fourth one was going for R5.25million.

Peretz says the properties had no guarantee or warranty.

“Prior to transfer, Mpisane would be responsible for all rates and taxes, estate levies and any other charges that may be levied on the respective immovable properties, including water and electricity consumption charges,” reads part of the affidavit.

Peretz says Andile was supposed to have paid the first installment of R2-Million, but only paid R159 million. He was expected to finish off the balance of R560, 000 between September 2020 and January 2021but did not do so and he was in arrears of over R3.2 million.

Peretz also says his lawyers sent several letters reminding Andile of his debts but it all fell on deaf ears which then forced him to apply for an eviction order.

“Whilst the first property remains unlawfully occupied, the owner is therefore unable to make full use and enjoyment of it and cannot re-let or sell the said property.

“I will suffer a considerable amount of prejudice and will continue to for as long as the first property remains occupied by the first to the third respondents.

“Whilst the second and third respondents are unlawful occupants of the property, dangers are being suffered, such as the fact that I ultimately remain responsible for levies, rates and taxes and municipal charges.

“The electricity consumption in respect of the first property amounts to no less than R25 000 per month, which is an expense that the respondents are not paying contrary to the terms of the instalment sale agreement,” read the court papers.

Peretz has accused Andile and MaMkhizie for refusing to vacate the properties despite being warned to do so.

Contacted for a comment MamKhize said,” I don’t know what you are talking about.”

MaMkhize rose to stardom through her reality TV show, KoMaMkhize which basically shows off her lavish lifestyle as she parades red carpets and how she spends her money.