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South African celebs gang up on MacG over transphobic comments

South African celebrities and media personalities have ganged up on ‘Podcast and Chill’, presenter Macgyver Mukwevho a.k.a MacG for transphobic comments made during his show.

Several public figures including actress Rami Chuene, Thando Thabethe and YouTube sensation Lasizwe have condemned MacG for his comments.

In an episode MacG and radio host Sol Phenduka were discussing their confusion and misunderstandings regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Sol had questions on why transgender women transition if they are attracted to women.

“You are going to have a sex change just to be with women? Now she’s lesbian. Why can’t you just be a man and be with a woman?” asked Sol.

MacG responded saying he ‘can’t keep up’ when it comes to Trans identity.

“So a Trans woman, a woman with d**k,” said Sol.

Social media did not take their chat lightly as they attacked the two hosts.

Rami Chuene went radical on MacG requesting that he must delete the two episodes in which she was featured on and also referred to his comments as ‘disrespectful and discriminatory.’

Posting on twitter Rami said, “@MacGUnleashed No. That episode was NOT ‘raw & unfiltered’ but disrespectful and discriminatory.

“As an LBTQ+ ally, I humbly ask that you take my 2 episodes down. I honestly thought you had a good thing going. How unfortunate but homophobia will never be a joke. Unacceptable.”

Actress Thando Thabethe said, “Discrimination in the guise of being ‘raw & unfiltered’ wish I could unsee that MacG podcast. Disgusted!”

Lasizwe who is an openly gay celebrity also gave MacG a piece of his mind. “@MacGUnleashed Just becoz you have a disclaimer in your videos doesn’t give you the right to be transphobic!

“As someone who is proudly part of the LGBTI Community and is openly gay, I found your statement hurtful and very dangerous. Educate yourself. TRANS LIVES MATTER!!! MacG!”

However MacG was not left in Isolation as some celebrities sided with him. Queen Sono star Pearl Thusi did not comment but retweeted all comments that were in support of MacG.

MacG did not only lose friends from these comments, top sponsors of his show have showed him the door. Old Mutual has cut ties with him over the ‘offensive’ comments.