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AKA posts receipts about boxing match delay with Cassper Nyovest

The exhausting back and forth between Cassper Nyovest and rival rapper AKA over who is to blame for delaying the much anticipated boxing match continues on social media.

AKA now says he is up for the match but Cassper was the one delaying the progress. AKA even shared screenshots of ignored messages supposedly in Cassper’s inbox.

He shared a picture of what appears to be an offer letter sent to Casper offering him some money to get into the ring and fight. In his tweet the ‘Fella in Versace” hitmaker captioned the pictures;

“The truth is, my team is literally paying this guy to fight me. So please, stop with the clown sh*t ‘sign this, has he signed, sign etc etc…’ it’s all bullsh*t. I don’t like to do this business like this but now it’s time to stop talking.”

The letter, which was sent to Cassper by Cake Media’s executive producer stated AKA’s willingness to face Cassper in the ring and also made him an offer.

The post comes as a direct response to Cassper’s tweet accusing AKA of not signing the contract but shoving it in his drawer.

“Lmao. That contract is going to go into the drawer it’s been chilling in nicely for months now. That guy doesn’t want to fight. I’ll believe it when the signed contract is handed in. For now, ima gonna play FIFA with Carpo and speak gugugaga with my beautiful son,” said Cass.

The two rappers have been blaming each other for months and both their fans have grown tired, some even accusing them of pulling publicity stunts and loving the spotlight for nothing.

“Cassper and AKA love to trend ay, if this is legit call Cass to your braai show plus you have his number and tell us who signed and who didn’t signed,” said a fan.

Another fan said, “You two are exhausting. Tell us when you guys have a date set already.”