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Uproar over Mihlali Ndamase ‘men aren’t worth any loyalty’ comment

Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has ruffled a lot of feathers as Twitter is still buzzing following her controversial comments about men not being “worth any loyalty”.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, she encouraged women to cheat. Ndamase wrote: “Cheatani wethu girls (go ahead a cheat), men aren’t worth any loyalty.”

The comment clearly didn’t sit well with a lot of cishet men, who started to come for her, urging her to stop misleading women while she was probably in a good relationship with her man.

Women, on the other side, jumped to Ndamase’s defence, insisting those men have been cheating, so why couldn’t women follow suit, resulting in a heated Twitter debate.

“Beyonce was saying “leave the cheating bustard” but went ahead and gave Jay twins then Cardi B was saying “she doesn’t cook and clean” but few days we saw that it is not true. Go ahead and take Mihlali’s advise, “ commented one Twitter user.

Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase
Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase

While tweeps are in their feels about her remarks, the YouTuber and brand strategist doesn’t seem fazed. Instead, Ndamase hit back at men for always poking their noses in her business.

“Men are always pressed in my mentions. Restani (please rest) don’t you guys have jobs or something?

“Indoda mayisebenze (a man must work), or ilungise igadi orkanye imoto wethu (do your garden or fix your car) you really can’t sit on Twitter debating with women all day.”

Meanwhile, Ndamase recently received backlash for for tweeting: “I believe in indoda (man) more than I believe in myself.”

But when someone suggested she was a “bad” role model, the influencer, who has proven to be the queen of sarcasm, wasted no time to put the writer in their lane.

Ndamase replied: “Khayophangela”, simply translated ‘‘Go to work“. IOL