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John Vuli Gate released again as song ownership drama takes new twist

Controversy around the hit song, John Vuli Gate continues to brew, this time it’s the members of Scara and Chilli Ya Baba claiming to be the original artistes of the song.

Tsokotla “Chilli Yababa” Moatshe, Dominic “Matanta” Baloyi and Ndivhuwo “Scaraboy” Nephawe claim they decided to release the original song because they owned the master and rights to it.

The song has been causing tension between the alleged original artists and Mapara A Jazz members Mc Millan “Man Malaya” Nephawe and Leonard “Lenny Sbechu” Malatji, who released a version of the track in September.

Scara and Chilli Ya Baba member
Scara and Chilli Ya Baba member

Matanta says their version which is the original one is available on Facebook, YouTube and they will release the original music video soon for television.

“The reason we released the song is that we are the legal owners. We have waited for Mapara A Jazz to prove their case, but they haven’t,” he said.

Matanta said Mapara A Jazz was not willing to meet to resolve the conflict.

“Mapara A Jazz don’t have masters of the song and they will not dare come to us,” he said.

“I feel we gave them enough time to resolve the matter.

“We will not beg them because they are the ones who stole the song.”

Matanta who’s furious said no one would attempt to stop them from performing the song anywhere and their legal team was already working on the matter.

Scaraboy told Daily Sun he was happy people would finally know the truth.

“This is our song and we own the rights to it. I’m ready to face my brother Man Malaya,” he said.

Man Malaya from Mapara A Jazz said they were aware another version of the song was released.

“We have our song and let them have theirs, which is not similar to ours. We don’t care,” he said.

In November the Mapara A Jazz duo was arrested in connection with theft of the song. They were questioned at Pretoria Central Police Station but were released after a few hours.