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Sjava breaks his silence… denies raping ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar – VIDEO

Musician and actor Sjava has released a lengthy video on social media dismissing the rape allegations leveled against him by his ex girlfriend, Yamikani Banda affectionately known as Lady Zamar.

The “Umama” hit maker posted a video on Instagram in a bid to clear his name on the rape allegations which have dented his professional career.

Sjava began by explaining that from the onset he and Lady Zamar got involved in a casual relationship in 2017 when he was involved with another woman.

According to Sjava, Lady Zamar at first unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of being a side chick.

However, as time went on and the love got sweeter Lady Zamar suddenly changed her mind and gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and his main chick.

This ultimatum according to Sjava, was the beginning of the end of their ‘sweet’ relationship.

In the video, Sjava further explains that a fateful event at the Sun Arena concert during a show he introduced his “wife” to the audience strained his complicated relationship with Lady Zamar.

Sjava confesses he understands that Lady Zamar felt disrespected and embarrassed by this incident and he apologizes for it.

“I apologise for putting her in that awkward situation where she felt embarrassed and was made to feel less of a person because people started seeing her as a side chick, and scolding her for dating a married man.”

“I also would like to apologise for not loving her the way she wished to be loved,” he said.

Sjava in the video also addresses numerous accusations of him being a deadbeat dad.

“I do not have a child,” Sjava declared.

The “Ngempela” hit maker Sjava asserts that even after the rape allegations he and Lady Zamar continued dating.

Sjava further reiterates that he was shocked to learn from Lady Zamar’s statement that she was afraid of him.

“I am not a rapist. I have for years been advocating for abuse of any kind, any shape or form, be it women or children abuse, even alcohol abuse,” he said.

Sjava also explained that he opened the case of defamation and nothing has been forthcoming with regards to the case.

“It’s been almost a year since these allegations have surfaced and I have lost everything. We’ve even tried to write to her legal team.

“They do not reply to requests for updates, and it’s painful now because I’ve lost my income. I’ve lost everything, I cannot work, I’ve been taken off shows, at this point I do not have any form of income because no one wants to work with me,” he said.

Sjava was recently booted from SABC 1 popular soapie due to the rape allegations leveled against him.