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Bonang wins R300k defamation lawsuit against podcaster Rea Gopane

South African media personality Bonang Matheba is going into the weekend all smiles after winning a lawsuit she filed against podcaster Rea Gopane for defamation.

The media personality announced on Friday that she won her case against him and he’s set to pay her R300 000 ($20 000).

The podcaster landed in hot water last year after making damning allegations against Boss B. He claimed in one of his episodes that Bonang introduced her ex-boyfriend, AKA to cocaine.

Bonang initially demanded R500 000 ($33 300) from the vlogger as her legal team instructed him to retract the statement and issue an apology on all his social media platforms in the form of a video and a letter.

Rea apologized but did not give Boss B her money.

Last week Bonang told her followers that the case was due and Rea was about to experience 30 difficult years filled with sending her installments of his hard earned cash.

She has now tweeted announcing her win indicating Rea will pay her R300k.

“I won! R300 000!” tweeted Bonang.

“The next 30 years are about to be mad fun for him,” she added.

Meanwhile the podcaster, Rea is due in court for another case of defamation, courtesy of Amapiano artist JazziQ.

Rea made claims that JazziQ had a hand in the death of Mpura and Killer Kau, who died in an accident in August last year.

JazziQ is demanding R1 million ($ 66 666).