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Lasizwe hits back at body-shamers after his thong video goes viral

On Monday South African YouTube and reality show star Lasizwe sparked controversy on social media after posing for a picture and shooting a video wearing a thong/ G-string.

Most twitter users were not having it as they attacked him. Users accused him of copying rising star Uncle Waffles who’s known for showing up with her undies on display.

Lasizwe posted a video on his socials walking and dancing while shaking his bum.

While some of his fans praised him for ‘living his life carefree’, others slammed him saying he was being ‘disrespectful’.

Responding to trolls and ‘haters’ Lasizwe took to twitter hitting back asking ‘whose body is it?’

“So y’all are upset that I wore a thong/ G-string? Y’all are crazy! Kanti, whose body is it?” he wrote.

Lasizwe is known for not tolerating trolls on his timeline.