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South African rapper AKA reveals he is suffering from ‘clinical depression’

South African rapper AKA born Kiernan Forbes has opened up about his mental health issues.

The multi-award winning star took to to Instagram revealing that he got diagnosed with depression ‘months ago’ and he wants everybody to know.

“I need to let this be known especially for so many people out there fighting every day. I was diagnosed with clinical depression many, many months ago,” wrote AKA.

Supa Mega also revealed that though he was on prescribed medication, he stopped taking the medication because it hindered his sense to feel.

“I was put on meds but couldn’t handle them. They made me feel like I couldn’t feel anything so I got off them. Plus my whole job is to feel,” he wrote.

The rapper’s mom, Lynn Forbes posted on her Instagram applauding him for speaking out about his mental health.

“Last night Kiernan spoke up about being diagnosed with clinical depression and living with depression for many months. Speaking about something this personal requires so much courage,” wrote Lynn Forbes.

Last week his former best friend, Da L.E.S opened up that the two were not on talking terms and that he needed to protect his ‘energy first.’