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Lawsuit or Not: Podcaster Rea Gopane refuses to apologize to Mr JazziQ

South African YouTube sensation Rea Gopane of ‘Everything SA Music TV’ has said he won’t apologize to Mr JazziQ for his comments about Killer Kau and Mpura.

Sometime last month Rea hit the top of the trending list after he said in an episode that the hitmaker “sacrificed Mpura and Killer Kau… for the betterment of his career.”

In response to the clip, Mr JazziQ issued a statement saying Rea’s comments “maliciously defames Mr Tumelo Manyoni aka Mr JazziQ.”

He added that the allegations were “void of any form of truth and are harmful” and had a severe impact on him “both emotionally and psychologically.”

JazziQ revealed he had already sent a letter of demand to Rea to withdraw his comment, issue an apology and remove the video from all platforms.

The late Amapiano stars Mpura and Killer Kau who died in a horrific car accident
The late Amapiano stars Mpura and Killer Kau who died in a horrific car accident

Rea has refused to give into JazziQ’s demands. In his latest episode he said, “JazziQ though, apparently allegedly I got sued though. I did get sued.

“Let me start by saying this, I did feel obliged to send apologies to their (Killer Kau and Mpura) families…. But I’m not gonna apologize to JazziQ.

“He treated us like we are nothing. When we tried doing some work with him, he wasted our time.

“The same story that you heard on MacG, JazziQ gave us the same story… I felt treated like a Popeye by JazziQ,” said Rea.

Rea is not new to lawsuits. Earlier this year he received a lawsuit of half a million rands from media personality Bonang Matheba after he claimed she introduced her ex-boyfriend rapper AKA to drugs which also led to the tragic death of Anele Tembe.