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Podcast and Chill: DJ Fresh insists he’s never forced himself on anybody

South African radio personality DJ Fresh made his much anticipated appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG and gave more details regarding rape allegations leveled against him together with his friend Euphonik.

Fresh gave an account of the rape allegations that came to light and where things currently sit as far as their case is concerned.

According to him it all started when Euphonik’s name was mentioned in the 2019 rapists’ lists that were all over social media at the time.

“Then some girl decides to post it on Facebook and then some port gitl (referring to Ntsiki Mazwai) whose name I shan’t waste my energy on decides to post it on her twitter,” said Fresh.

DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh
DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh

The South Africa Got Talent judge went on to talk about how Ntsiki lost the case in the High Court of Johannesburg and was barred from talking about Fresh or making any further comments about him.

During the second part of the interview MacG provoked Fresh with a question that sent him straight into a tight corner.

“Have you been a saint for the past 30 years?” asked MacG.

To which DJ Fresh replied: “As in have I forced myself on someone? No, I have not forced myself on anybody.”

This was then followed by a heated debate between the two DJs as MacG questioned Fresh if he never had sex while drunk that could have his name pop up during the current Me Too movement.

Fresh solidified his argument saying, “Like I said, I have not had unconsensual sex with anyone. Have I had drunk sex? Yes, I have had drunk sex. But I’ve never had unconsensual sex.”

Earlier this year Fresh and his friend Euphonik were accused of allegedly drugging and raping a certain girl together with her friend at a party and then making fun out of it.

The case was thrown out of court as the National Prosecuting Authority said there was no ‘sufficient evidence to prosecute.’