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Shona Ferguson fighting for life in ICU… well wishes continue to stream in

South African filmmaker Shona Ferguson is reported to be fighting for his life in a private hospital in Johannesburg. The film mogul is said to have been admitted at the hospital after he struggled to breathe and was complaining about chest pains at home.

After being admitted he underwent a heart surgery and is currently in ICU.

Sources say the actor has been in hospital for a week and a group of specialists performed a heart operation after his condition got serious.

Other sources say his business partner and wife Connie Ferguson has decided to keep quiet about the situation as she wants to be strong and keep the business running.

She has referred all inquiries by the media to The Queen’s production manager Lauren Nell who has also not responded to questions sent to her.

A source closer to the situation says Shona was fine before he started complaining about chest pains and not being able to breathe properly.

The source further claims that the situation was taken lightly because Shona is a fit and healthy guy.

“He is a fighter and he will pull through this ordeal. Yes, at the moment he is in ICU, but he will be fine.

“Connie was by her man’s side while running their business. She is strong and carries on with grace and class,” said the source.

Another possibility being looked into is that Shona could have contracted the Covid-19 virus and he has been put under quarantine and placed under a ventilator at the hospital.

“All we knew was that he was sick with Covid-19. That is what we all thought he had,” said another source.

Neither the Ferguson family nor The Queen’s production manager has released a comment so far.