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Davido accused of stealing hit song ‘Jowo’ from colleague Victor AD

Nigerian music superstar Davido is being accused of stealing his hit track “Jowo” from industry colleague Victor AD.

Reports have it that Victor AD confirmed that Davido stole the song from him after he heard it being played at the studio when they were recording a project titled, ‘Tire you’.

According to the reports Victor realized that the Gobe crooner had put his track on the track list of his album ‘A better time’ after the album was released.

“Victor AD just confirmed Davido stole his record ‘Jowo’. According to AD; OBO heard the song after they recorded ‘Tire You’. He was surprised to see the song on ABT without him/his management consent. He said Davido blocked him on social and threatened to ruin him. This wickedness,” read a tweet by Thug Life.

Nigerian social media has been ablaze with this news as most users attacked Davido suggesting this is fast becoming his norm since it’s not his first time to be accused of copyright theft.

“The biggest theft didn’t just in Aso Rock as I hear say Davido stole jowo from Victor Ad. Nigga can never write a hit song, no wonder top celebs didn’t wish him well for the 10 years of fraud. The beautiful part of it is Made In Lagos is going stay for 26 weeks on BBWAC today,” tweeted Mohnice.

Another user, Lucychioma advised people to hear Davido’s side of the story;

“Nigeria and judgment without hearing both sides. Anti Davido everywhere. He said Davido threatened him and blocked him on social media platforms, why hasn’t he done this interview since but wait for now he is celebrating his 10 years in the industry.”

“I thought as much. The verse one of that song sounds like Victor AD’s style. “One time, three gbosa for the two-person wey born you,” said @IamSpicyTee.

Davido has not released a statement concerning the matter.