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DJ Maphorisa claims Kwesta didn’t pay him for producing hit song ‘Ngud’

Following Kwesta’s interview with controversial South African podcaster MacG, music producer DJ Maphorisa has come out accusing the singer of not paying him for the work he did on his hit song Ngud’.

Phori took it to Instagram telling his fans that after producing three songs for Kwesta he was allegedly not compensated for his work including producing of Ngud which became an instant hit song soon after its release in 2016.

Maphorisa said after working on Ngud which became a success and contributed to Kwesta’s career skyrocketing he expected to get at least R20K (US$1385) or R50K (US$3455) as an appreciation token for his contribution but he got nothing.

After sparking the fire on Instagram Phori then went to twitter to make a disclaimer saying despite his payment issue with Kwesta the two were not at war.

“I’m not at war grootman @KwestaDaKaR,” read his tweet.

Senzo Brikka Vilakazi known professionally as Kwesta, is a South African rapper and songwriter.
Senzo Brikka Vilakazi known professionally as Kwesta, is a South African rapper and songwriter.

This prompted Kwesta to release a statement on Twitter addressing Maphorisa’s allegations saying he was not involved in the financial side of the business when Ngud was recorded.

“I have never been here before… I never thought in a million years that I would be. Leroy, Nota and myself started the thing in 2013 based solely on trust. As success came, through everyone’s effort- different idea, mismanagement of funds and many other things led to distrust.

“We never, at any point owned a single company together. We just worked as though we did and this led to the realization that we didn’t have the same goals anymore,” read Kwesta’s statement.

“Leroy handled the finances, Nota was the music executive and I, as Kwesta was the catalyst to source funds through performances, endorsements etc.”

This comes a week after Kwesta went on Podcast and chill addressing issues about his fallout with his ex-manager Nota saying he was never in charge of anything except what he did in the studio.