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“Two-faced” Mfundi Vundla faces backlash over Menzi Ngubane tribute

South African television producer Mfundi Vundla has been attacked by South Africans after he paid tribute to the late veteran actor Menzi Ngubane.

Mfundi trended on social media on Tuesday morning after sharing his message of condolences to Ngubane’s family following his passing on Saturday night.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Vundla said he was shocked and saddened by the death of his former employee. ‘I am devastated’ he told the publication.

However South Africans could not have it as they attacked him for firing the actor and many others from one of the most loved soapies, Generations following a payment dispute.

Social media users weighed in on his comment and bashed him for being ‘two faced.’

‘Not the same Mfundi Vundla who fired a whole cast rather than pay them their dues, surely,’ said twitter user jama-ka-sijadu.

Another user identified as Blaxtremmis said, ‘Someone tell Mfundi Vundla to shut the hell up… He is being sarcastic and it’s not funny. He literally played a part in almost destroying Menzi’s acting career.’

‘It’s still so wild to me that Mfundi Vundla decided it was easier to fire everyone and end the whole show rather than just pay the actors,’ said Sq_eternal.

Another user Sk_bliss said, ‘our frienemies and ppl who did us dirty always seem to cry the loudest when we are gone…abo Mfundi Vundla, and we know them.’

Menzi passed away on Saturday after suffering a stroke in the morning.