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Nigerian singer Joeboy admits he is dating a ‘sugar mummy’

Nigerian music star Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa also known as Joeboy has revealed that he is dating a ‘sugar mummy’.

The music star who has made a series of songs centered on unfortunate relationship turnouts that happened in his life revealed that he tried dating a younger woman who was his fan but it ended in premium tears.

Speaking during an interview on Beats 99.9 FM he said, “Yes, I’m single but I have a lot of female friends… Well I’m not searching as I have a lot of female friends. I’m still a sugar baby. I can’t say her name but I am. I have a sugar mummy.”

The music star was asked how he and the sugar mummy met, he said, “She met me. The truth is that I feel super free and she feels the same way too.”

He also said since he became a celebrity it has become very difficult to find serious and meaningful relationships which is why he is comfortable with being a sugar baby.

Joeboy is known for penning down a series of songs which exposed him as a hopeless romantic who has not been lucky with women.

His songs Beginning, My baby, Don’t Call Me and All of You are a series of videos on how he was in love with a girl of his age but it ended in tears and he had to get a sugar mummy but later went back to his initial bae.

As you can see this is probably the true story of his love life.