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Cassper responds to AKA’s claim of signing boxing match contract

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest says his arch enemy and rival rapper AKA is scared and not willing to go head on with him in the boxing ring. This comes after AKA shared a picture of himself holding the contract saying, ‘about to sign’.

Mufasa laughed off the claims by AKA that he was about to sign the contract saying, “Lmao that contract is going to go back into the drawer it’s been chilling in nicely for months now.

“That guy doesn’t want to fight. I’ll believe it when the signed contract is handed in. For now, ima gonna go play FIFA with Carpo and speak gugugaga with my beautiful son,” said Cassper.

Cassper and AKA have been going in circles about their boxing match and having endless twars. Cass has always accused AKA of dragging his foot about the match and avoiding the topic at all costs.

The two have had longstanding issues which they both believe would be solved only by this boxing match.

When asked by a fan what the fight would solve, Cass said it wasn’t about solving anything in particular but he just wants AKA to feel his ‘wrath’ especially after he swore at his parents years ago.

“It’s not gonna solve anything. That guy swore at my parents and I had to take a high role as always. I need to see him, he needs to feel my wrath.

“I won’t do it in the streets cause it will damage my brand. I need to see him in the ring. I will never get over him swearing my queen,” said Cas.