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Lasizwe deactivates his Twitter account after being body-shamed

South African television personality, comedian and and YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza has been forced to deactivate his Twitter account after being subjected to bullying and body shaming.

Trolls had the best of Lasizwe after the comedian decided to promote some body positivity with a series of pictures reminding his fans that all booties matter regardless of size.

Lasizwe posted a picture of himself in white panties showing off his tiny booty and captioned the pictures with a body positivity message.

“To everyone with small *ss, don’t worry you are not alone. #small*assmatters,” he captioned the picture.

As much as his picture had some positive response of love and laughs from his followers, the negative comments were the hardest knockout blow for him.

As the negative comments continued to pill up, the MTV’s Fake it Until you make it star decided to block all the negativity by deactivating his account.

While he has deactivated his Twitter account he has kept his Facebook and Instagram accounts active.

Laziswe is not new to cyber bullies as he has been attacked for being gay on numerous occasions.

He opened up on being a victim of bullying on social media.

“I think people on social media like to comment without reasoning and the problem is I’d also say ‘OK guys send your meter numbers.’ If I don’t show people that I bought the electricity they’d call me out saying I’m a liar, but when I do post people will say I’m bragging and showing off,” he said.